Swapping NFTs

We own a fair number of NFTs that I have collected since 2017 when I was buying Rare Pepes and CryptoKitties. We have accumulated a nice collection of Top Shots and a bunch of other NFTs as well.

But I don’t want to sell our NFTs. We also don’t like to sell the art we have collected over the years. We also don’t like to sell the crypto assets we hold.

But I am very interested in swapping NFTs for other ones.

Here’s how I would imagine an NFT swapping service would work.

1/ I visit the swapping service and connect with a wallet.

2/ I list the NFTs that I own that I am willing to swap.

3/ I browse the service to see the NFTs that others have listed to swap.

4/ I find an NFT I would like to swap and I make a swap offer to the owner.

5/ The owner accepts, declines, or proposes a different swap.

6/ If a swap is accepted, it is processed on-chain.

I could imagine that swaps would not need to be one NFT for another NFT, although you might start there. Over time, you could end up with multiple NFTs for a single NFT, or possibly one NFT for another plus some crypto to sweeten the deal.

I have been asking around to find a service like this and have not found one yet. If you know of such a service, pls let me know via email or Twitter. If there isn’t one, maybe someone should build it.