My friend Howard is a fanatic about entrepreneurship, blogging, and stocks (and a bunch of other things too). I met Howard on this blog and we’ve traded a bunch of ideas over the past year. One of them is a daily video show about stocks.

Howard is not one to engage in idle talk. He’s gone and done it.

So in less than two weeks, there will be a daily show about stocks called Wallstrip. Howard’s a fan of buying stocks that are making all time highs. So each day, they will pick a stock that is at or near its all time high and do a short funny video talking about why the company is doing well and what the thesis is behind the stock.

There are a bunch of well known stock bloggers who have agreed to participate daily in a critique of the show and the stock. So you can follow the featured company all day long.

Is this the future of research? I doubt it. Is this going to be entertaining? I think so.

Here’s a teaser for the show (which is also now running in my left sidebar next to my Shake Shack webcam):

Full Disclosure- Howard has offered me a small stake in the show for helping him out with it so I have an interest in its success.