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Fun Friday: Comedy Hour

I just realized we haven’t done a fun friday since mid December. It’s gotten way too serious around here. I’m sorry about that. So we are going to rectify that by posting our favorite comedy routines (youtube embeds or anything else that will work in the comment thread).

Here’s my contribution. I recently saw Jason Mantzoukas in Sleeping With Other People and he just cracks me up. So I spent some time on YouTube just now looking for something good from Jason. This bit about making french press coffee is spot on and is why I never make coffee that way.

So now I’ve made my contribution to fun friday. It’s time for yours.


Video Of The Week:

Zach Sims, founder and CEO of our portfolio company Codecademy, was on Colbert this week. There were some good lines. I liked  "drop out, turn on, and log in" at 3:40.

[I am getting autoplay complaints. Autoplay is off in the code. So I have removed this embed and you can find the video here]

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Fun Friday: Jokes

In a comment thread last week Raju said:

I would like this community involved by sharing the best jokes they have heard in their lives or sharing the best incidents happened to their lives. Wouldn't that be great?

Best incidents in our lives is a big one. We might go there.

But jokes are a lot easier. So I will give you all one and then you can share yours in the comments, as is the Fun Friday norm.

One ask – keep it clean (ish). Don't tell any jokes you wouldn't tell in the company of five year olds.

Here's mine, which hopefully won't be a metaphor for this thread. It comes from the awesome and almost never clean Richard Pryor.

I'd like to make you laugh for about ten minutes — though I'm gonna be on for an hour.


My Favorite Super Bowl Ad

As many of you know and Rick points out in the comments, this was ad was created as part of a "user generated ad" campaign and the winner were some college kids who Rick says made the ad for $12. That’s awesome. More on the campaign and how well it worked here.

And for those who don’t have flash and can’t watch this commercial (like Jackson), the ad I am referring to is the Doritos ad called Live The Flavor.

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A Jack In The Box

I knew it the minute Howard told me that Wallstrip was doing a show about Jack In The Box (JBX). I still have that SNL song A Dick In The Box running around in my head. That short has been watched over 12 million times on YouTube. That’s impressive.

Anyway, Howard and Linsday, do the Andy Samberg/Justin Timberlake duo thing pretty well. I particularly like Howard’s work on this one. He may never live it down.

"Trans Fat In The Box" – that’s pretty funny